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We are FAA certified sUAS Remote Pilots and maintain FAA standards of operation. We provide aerial drone mapping, aerial drone photography, aerial drone aerial drone roof inspections, and other services. We always place emphasis on safety and comply with many other rules of operation. All projects will be discussed with clients to establish any limitations of the video or photos to be filmed or taken.  


We are FAA Certified sUAS Remote Pilots that maintain and adhere to all FAA regulations during operations. All of our equipment and pilots are UAV liability insured. Safety is a priority and we always fly missions with a minimum of two personnel, to include the Pilot and a Visual Observer. We offer Aerial Drone Mapping and Aerial Drone Photography.

Our current inventory of airframes include DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2, and DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK that provides 5.2K/4k video, designed to keep pace with the rigors of  high-end professional aerial imaging.

 Retired Air Force Combat Veteran and Owner/Operator FAA Certified sUAS Remote Pilot 


FAA Certified sUAS Remote Pilot 

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